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Tennis clinic

Ideal for everyone! Either you are a complete new-beginner or experienced player. Tennis clinics are fully focus on one shot at a time, so you can improve it in a very short time.

Program in numbers
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That's the recommended age for this stage.

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3 main parts:

Even that you focus on 1 shot only, we recommend splitting it into hand-feeding, racket-feeding, and playing exercises.

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A coach should be able to handle up to 4 adults.

Example: You can have 3 clinics at a time. 1st court FH, 2nd court BH, 3rd court Serve. 

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The class duration should be 60-90 minutes.


Tennis clinic is ideal for those that are either new to the game of tennis and want to learn the basic skills or for those who play tennis regularly at any level. It’s focused on all the fundamentals of tennis including forehand, backhand, volley, serve, overhead, and basic game situations such as consistency in strokes, footwork and structuring points.


Tennis clinics should differ from a regular group session and that’s why each of these fundamentals should be divided in different clinic lesson. Players can choose what they want to work and sign-up for specific shot or game. This way the player can fully focus on one shot at a time and improve it in a very short time. 


Emphasis will be on enjoyment of the game and students will receive an excellent foundation to improve and develop their tennis. 


Willingness to learn


Tennis equipment and sport clothing


Since the schedule is planned for certain number of players from the very beginning, it is very important to be on time


The material should include equipment used for the development of technique and tennis skills but also other aspects of tennis game. We suggest using cones, targets, or additional lines.

  • Improvement of selected stroke 

  • Improve the technique and the movement

  • Improve the consistency and accuracy 

  • Meet some new tennis buddies

  • Reduce stress

  • Have fun

Structure of the lesson

After the quick warm-up, explanation, and demonstration there should be at least 5 different drills or exercises with gradually increasing difficulty, movement, and position on the court.

Every session should include:

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  • Quick warm-up to stretch all the muscles in the body

  • Explanation of the decided stroke including correct technique

  • Demonstration of the decided stroke using correct technique

  • Execution of the decided stroke​

    • Decide the stroke of the day or other task like consistency or footwork for example and after explanation and demonstration do as many drills or exercise as possible, (execution 5-6 baskets, hand feed, racket feed, ball machine feed)

The first phase of drilling should be hand feed balls because it’s easier to give instructions and correct the player right away 

The second phase of drilling should include some movement of the player. Usually with a coach behind the net providing racket-feeding exercises. 

In the third phase of drilling, besides the movement, the coach should increase the speed of the ball and let the players play. Players should try to use the selected shot in a playing exercise or game. 

Exercises, drills and games examples
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