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Why to run ROGY programs in your club

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Surprisingly there are many tennis clubs all around the world without running the Red, Orange, Green and Yellow (ROGY) programs that in my opinion is crucial for keeping the players for many years in the club and tennis in general. Now, why is that? I’ve heard the opinion that no tennis champion was ever playing with other ball than yellow. Yes, I also agree that for very talented kids we interduce the real ball as soon as possible but honestly how many kids like that do we have in our clubs? These different color balls and court sizes will bring more kids to the club and will help the clubs to keep them in the program way longer.

So, why to run ROGY programs in your club?

There are many reasons for that, here are just a few of them:

  • Building a great base of players

  • More kids in the program

  • Larger revenue

  • Keeping the players longer in the program

Tennis is a very difficult sport, as we all know, and start the 6 years old kids with the real ball and a big racquet will not make it any easier. There are very few kids that can benefit from that but 90+ % of them will find it a very difficult sport compare to football for example.

Slower balls, smaller court and smaller racquets will make it for them way easier so they can actually enjoy it and even compete.

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