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Kids camp

Multiday tennis camp tends to accommodate children of age between 6-16 at all levels of the game. Tennis and other activities are well-combined each day, so kids learn fast and what's more important, have FUN. 

Program in numbers
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That's the recommended age for this program.

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4 main parts:

Since it's a multiday camp, we recommend splitting each day into at least 4 parts.

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Each coach should be able to handle up to 6 kids.

Example: Total number of kids participating in the camp may vary and depends on the capacity of the sport facility.

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Daily hour duration.

The program has to be full of variations, games, and FUN, so kids will not get bored after the first day.


Junior tennis camps tend to accommodate children of ages 6-16 and all levels of ability. The main element of the camp is tennis, but we recommend adding other activities such as swimming, kids Olympics, fitness training or half-day trips, to make the program varied, fun and interesting. Tennis camps are possible to organize during any school break such as spring break, winter holiday or summer break, which is usually the best time for organizing a full week program. 


good behavior – respect for coach and the other players, appreciation for own material stuff and material provided by the tennis club


tennis equipment - tennis shoes, tennis clothing, racket, beverage


The material should include equipment used for the development of technique and tennis skills but also of coordination, agility, speed, strength, and flexibility. The pressure should not be put too much on competition, rather on fun and games. Since the children in the camp might have different tennis skills, it is important to adapt the size of the material to the player’s abilities. We suggest using cones, targets, lines, agility ladder, circles, skipping ropes, mini nets and more. 


The players are divided into groups according to their age and their tennis skills, specifically red, orange, green or yellow category. Each group has its own court and coach. The coach chooses the drills, exercises and games based on the group level. If you want to see our in-detail recommendations for each level, check our webpage!


1.   WARM-UP    9:15 – 9:30

All groups start with warm-up - active and passive movements with involvement of all body parts, in order to prevent injury, using e.g., agility ladder, cones, lines.

2.   TENNIS PRACTICE     9:30 – 11:00

The players continue with tennis warm – up and tennis exercises. The tennis practice is focused on different stroke every day and the same stroke is trained by every group. Based on the level of group, the coach chooses the drills, exercises and games. 


Example of “stroke of the day” for all groups:

Screenshot 2021-02-18 at 10.57.47.png

3.   FITNESS         11:00 – 12:00

Even though the main element of the camps is tennis training, we recommend including fitness exercises. This part might take place on the court, but we propose to change the environment and transfer to some park or playground nearby, if possible. Fitness might contain medicine balls, skipping ropes, running or jumping stairs, planks, push-ups, and more. Of course, it has to be adjusted to the age and level of each player.                                                                                          

4.   OTHER ACTIVITIES AND GAMES      13:00 – 17:00

The tennis part of the day ends after lunch and we introduce additional activities, such as basketball, football, swimming, orienteering, kids Olympics, land hockey, ball war, table tennis, board games, jumping castle, hiking and so much more. If the players prefer tennis games and competitions, it is also an option. 


We advise organizing competitions and tournaments on the last day of camp and hand out diplomas or medals. A good idea also might be a barbecue or joint lunch provided by the club for all participants, to socialize and leave the camp with new friends and tennis buddies. 

Exercises, drills and games examples
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