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FIT Tenis

Fitness Instructional Tenis is a new modern concept of tennis training. It’s a mix of tennis drills, fitness work-out, and strength exercises all done on one tennis court. FIT tenis is based on intensive training where each participant is exercising individually on a specific design station.

Program in numbers
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That's the recommended age for this stage.

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3 main parts:

Tennis station, fitness station, and strength station. 

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A coach should be able to handle up to 6 adults.

Note: We recommend using 2 coaches and 6 adults per 1 tennis court. 

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The class duration should be 60 minutes. 


FIT Tenis is a new program with specific objectives. Since it's not only about tennis, the objective is to also  The players will go through all the stations multiple times during the lesson so they can improve their tennis skills, their fitness condition, and their strength abilities. It is an ultimate workout making improvements in all aspects of the game.


Willingness to learn


Tennis equipment and sport clothing


Since the schedule is planned for a certain number of players from the very beginning, it is very important to be on time


The material should include equipment used for the development of technique and tennis skills but also other aspects of the tennis game.


We suggest using cones, targets, or additional lines.

  • Improvement of strokes 

  • Improve the technique and the movement

  • Improve the consistency and accuracy 

  • Meet some new tennis buddies

  • Enjoy the competition

  • Reduce stress

  • Have fun

Structure of the lesson

The structure can change depending on the target of the lesson and level of players, but in general, we divide the lesson into 4 different parts:

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  1. WARM-UP - motor and coordination skills, bouncing the ball, mini tennis -hitting the ball to each other with one bounce between without the net and/or over the net trying to do as many as possible, focusing on correct grip, etc.

  2. SHOT OF THE DAY  - good explanation of the technique, demonstration
    - 3 drills: 
         - The first drill is hand fed with main focus on proper technique and correct grip, keep in mind it’s easier to correct standing closer to the student. 
        - The second drill is also hand fed but student is standing farther from the net and we include more movement of the player. 
           - The third drill is a soft racket fed over the net again with inclusion of some movement. 

  3. SERVE - good explanation and demonstration, enforcing the right serve grip.

  4. TENNIS AND GAME - trying to keep the ball in play as long as possible (consistency), tennis game.

Example of time split of the lesson:

Screenshot 2021-09-13 at 10.50.30.png

We recommend splitting Adults into 3 different groups:

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Beginner group
  • newcomers to tennis, no or very few experienced players


Learn the fundamentals and get on playing the game!

For a beginner, it’s important to start with all the basics and teach you the proper grips and strokes, including the forehand, backhand, volley, overhead, serve and return. You’ll also learn to rally and keep score. Eventually, we’ll help you master the basics of playing singles and doubles matches. 


Lesson main goal: Maintain a full-court rally.


✔ The Grips of the Racquet              ✔ Basic Forehand Stroke

✔ Basic Backhand Stroke                 ✔ The Basics of Volleying

✔ Introduction to Serving                  ✔ Introduction to Footwork

✔ Introduction to Scoring                  ✔ Game Play

Intermediate group
  • players with some experience and skills

Students will continue to improve volleys and overheads, learn the difference between the top spin and underspin and how to execute it while improving overall confidence and consistency of forehand, backhand and serve. In this level, there will be adding movement to groundstroke rallying and improving serving technique. 

Lesson main goal: To be able to play actual singles or doubles match.


✔ Development of Topspin            ✔ Introduction to Slice

✔ Introduction to Overheads         ✔ Focus on Footwork 

✔ Work on Ball Control                  ✔ Introduction to Strategy 

✔ Introduction to Match Play         ✔ Singles and Doubles

Advanced group
  • well experienced players, former tennis players, and active tournament participants

The players will develop the skills they have learned at previous stages and in some match play. They will also work on technical parts like a separation of the upper body and lower body according to the stance used, racket head lower to give more spin, more racket head acceleration with the arm and lower arm/wrist action, at the end of the backswing, the balance should be forward according to the stance and target, a good understanding of a 1st and 2nd serve difference and how to use it, follow through according to the spin applied and tactical objective. 

Lesson main goal: How to perform and win.


✔ Good understanding of footwork.   ✔ Open, semi-open, and closed stance 

✔ Consistency and accuracy             ✔ Flat, topspin and slice serve

✔ All strokes and spins                       ✔ Speed, power, agility, and flexibility 

✔ Tactics and Strategies                     ✔ Mental strength

Our recommendation!

We recommend playing as much as possible on your own. Great improvement can also be achieved through private lessons, where the player receives individual attention so there is more time for more detailed explanation of proper technique and correction of possible mistakes. Joint tennis social events, club tournaments, camps, or tennis clinics are a great and easy way to gain needed experience, master the tennis skills and meet new tennis buddies and have FUN!

Exercises, drills and games examples
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