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On-site presentations


We would be honored to present on one of the themes described below at your facility. 

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1.  Club development plan

2.  How to build a successful program

3.  The club player Pathway

4.  Coaches education

5.  How to engage your members?

6.  How to attract new members?

7.  Remuneration pathway for coaches, FAIR and MOTIVATING way



  1. Club development plan


Club development plan is designed to help clubs to plan for the future. There are a number of reasons why good planning is important: 

  • a secure future

  • to attract new members

  • to develop a good structure

  • to support club staff and volunteers

  • to ensure efficient use of resources

A good Development Plan is an excellent tool which can give a real strategic focus to your club.  It will provide the club with a clear action plan of what needs to be achieved and accomplished in order for the club to attain its short- and longer-term goals.

Every club’s Development Plan should be different, as it should be specifically tailored to meet the needs and requirements of that individual club. However, there are some key themes that will be relevant for most tennis clubs when developing their plans: 

  1. Club Structure

  2. Members

  3. Club Programs & Activities

  4. Workforce

  5. Financial Management

  6. Marketing & Communication

  7. Community Outreach

  8. Facility Management


   2.  How to build a successful program


We have been successful building numerous tennis programs for all kind of players of any age and any level from toddlers to seniors.

Every club have a different possibilities when it comes to the capacity summer-winter, number of coaches and their abilities, number of members and so on but there is always a good program for each club and its clientele.

Key elements:

  • Identify your customers goal

  • Gather info 

  • Optimize you pricing 

  • Build a success team



   3.   The club player Pathway


The Player Pathway provides an environment that helps all players realise their potential, whether that means they are the best club player they can be, seek a lifelong commitment to the game through playing, coaching or volunteering.
























4.Coaches education


  • how to be more effective​

  • how to structure a lesson

  • new drills, drills selection

  • how to train different levels (ROGY)


  5. How to engage your members?


 1.    Connect New Members with Old.... 

 2.    Make sure there is enough products to choose from. ... 

 3.    Discover what they like and do more of it. …

 4.    Invite them to an Event. ... 

 5.    Send automated reminders. …

 6.    Personalized Email Workflow. ... 

 7.    Weekly updates. ... 

 8.    Send a Survey.


Of course, none of this will matter if your customers aren’t happy. A great product isn’t enough—you must provide genuine service.


  6. How to attract new members?


 1.    Host a “bring a friend” sessions. ... 

 2.    Reach out to former members. ... 

 3.    Encourage members to share your newsletter. ... 

 4.    Invite members' families and friends to events. ... 

 5.    Create a promotional video. ...

 6.    Do and host activities for members and non-members alike. ...

 7.    Online advertising. ...

 8.    Introduce your club to local businesses. …

 9.    Reach out to all kind of schools in your area. …

 10.   Offer discounts to members only.


  7. Remuneration pathway for coaches, FAIR and MOTIVATING way


It is very difficult to set up a right price on a new coach in your club. There are many coaches with long CV’s and good references but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will perform like you would imagine.

If you overpay, the coach can get too comfortable and do just what is necessary to get paid and not being pro-active, willing to keep educate himself or help the others.

On the other side if you underpay, the coach can lose the motivation and always compare the salary with the others.


Example of remuneration pathway:


·        Coaches should get a 1 to 3-month trial contract with a fixed rate of X $

Every new coming coach should have an opportunity to proof himself, his future 6-month hourly rate would depend on that.

·        There should be an evaluation system including these 5 areas:

  1. Years of experience

    • Proven years of on court experience

  2. Certificates (up to date), and continuing self-development

    • Valid certification level, USPTA, PTR, RPT, ITF, LTA, NTF...

    • continuing self-development on yearly basis

  3. Customer satisfaction

    • Feedback from the clients

  4.  Club’s management satisfaction

    • Feedback from the club director and sport leader

  5. Work ethics

Each of these areas will be worth up to X $ as an addition to the fixed X $ p/h.

Maximum hourly rate would be X $

That means, after those 1-3 months trial period the coach would be evaluated

and given an extended contract with a new hourly rate.

These evaluations will be done every 6 months during the development meeting run by club director where the hourly rate can go either up or down.  

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